Maximize the performance of your Tamron lens with a TAP-in console and software

Lenses are not only made of glass and metal, but they are also full of innovative technology. Like a computer, they have powerful processors and software that controls the complex data exchange with the camera.

In order to use the full potential of modern Tamron lenses, Tamron has developed the TAP-in console and the Tamron Lens utility software to maximize the performance of your lens and make sure it matches your camera settings to 100%. With the console and software, the settings can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the photographer. This optional accessory allows you to update the firmware or tune focusing. Important adjustments can also be made, such as the autofocus or the image stabilizer.

Tamron TAP-in console

With the Tap-in console you can update firmware in selected Tamron lenses and customize various lens functions to meet your needs and requirements. Simply attach the console and run the Tamron TAP-in Utility software on your PC or Mac. With this accessory, you can access a dedicated website and update firmware yourself anytime and anywhere. In addition, selected lenses can be customized by changing various settings to match your preferences based on how you like to use the lens, making it even more versatile and user-friendly.

With the Tamron TAP-in console, you can:

  • Update the firmware of compatible lenses
  • Update the firmware of the TAP-in Console itself
  • Customize functions of selected lenses
  • Focus adjustment
  • Focus distance limiter customization (only for lenses that have the Focus Limiter feature)
  • VC adjustment (only for any lenses with VC)

See how to use the TAP-in Console and the TAP-In Utility Software below.

Tamron Lens Utility software

The new software Tamron Lens Utility has been specially developed by Tamron to configure its own compatible lenses. Tamron Lens Utility can be operated using computer by connecting the lens from its Connector Port via the optional Tamron Connection Cable. You can customize the functions and update the firmware through the lens. The personal customization gives flexible shooting options to match the shooting situation such as still photography or videography. With the help of the personal configuration, you can adapt the lens optimally for each shooting situation for both photo and video.

With the Lens Utility software, you can adjust the following functions:

  • A-B Focus: Let’s you smoothly and easily shift Focus from one subject to another.
  • Focus Preset: Move focus to a pre-recorded focal point with one click
  • Focus Ring Function Setting: Makes manual focus easier to use
  • Select AF / MF: Switch between autofocus and manual focus
  • Other Functions: Ring Function (Focus/Aperture) / Assign Function from the Camera
  • Firmware Updates: Update your lens to the latest firmware version

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