Digipower is a tech company that design and produces a wide range of smartphone and camera accessories which are perfect for Vlogging, Youtubing and online meetings. Their products stand out because of their commitment to quality engineering and unique design. They offer smartphone vlogging kits, Ring lights, Microphones, On-camera LEDS, Tripods, Battery chargers, Wireless battery chargers, Powerbanks, Audio adapters and more.



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Vlogging Kits

Vlogging and Youtubing is a growing business, and if you want to stand out in the crowd and make it, you will need the equipment that allows you to take your creations to another level. Digipower offer smartphone vlogging kits that consists of a mini tripod, an external microphone, a phone holder, with or without a wireless remote and a LED light. The equipment that you will get in the kits have everything you need to increase the quality of the videos, both visually and audiowise.

Ring lights and accessories

Besides vlogging kits, Digipower have a wide assortment of useable accessories that can be used for many occasions. If you want to create Youtube videos or take good photographs, they have Ring Lights that will give a very good light to your creation. The Ring lights can be bought with or without RGB colors and wireless remote. They also offer mounts and tripods for both smartphones and compact cameras, external shotgun microphones, wireless battery chargers and Powerbanks and more.

About Digipower

Digipower was founded 2009 and their headquarters is found in San Francisco, USA. Digipower has pioneered the digital accessory category with strong industry insights and a commitment to unique product design and engineering. They strive to be that partner you can trust to deliver quality and innovative accessories to support your lifestyle.

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