Dynacore Technology is a battery manufacturing company that develops professional, high-quality batteries for cameras. When using a camera’s internal battery, you have a rather limited shooting/recording time, there is also not much room to power up external accessories. With batteries from Dynacore, you can be out on the field shooting for an extended period of time, and also power external LED’s, focus motors and other useful equipment at the same time. Dynacore offer a wide range of Li-ion batteries with different mounts, voltage and output.



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Dynacore's tiny and compact V-Mount & Gold Mount Li-ion batteries are perfect to power up small cameras, handheld stabilizers, focus motors and small, portable on-camera LED panels.

Dynacore’s larger V-Mount & Gold Mount Li-ion batteries have an LED screen that allows you to see discharging time, remaining capacity percentage, battery voltage and more. Besides the capacity to power up larger cameras, these batteries have both D-tap and USB output which allow you to connect and power external accessories such as, camera lights, monitors, wireless transmission systems and more. You can even use the USB to charge your smartphone, Ipad and other small USB devices.

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