Harman Photo

Harman Photo comes from Harman technology, the company behind perhaps the most iconic analogue brand available today, Ilford. 

Born in the beginnings of 1879, when Alfred Hugh Harman began making gelatine dry plates in the basement of his house in Ilford, United Kingdom, the Ilford name has remained one of the oldest and most established in the photographic industry. 

UK based Harman Technology is today the company behind Ilford Photo which probably is one of the most classical brands in the world when it comes to analogue photographical products continue to develop exciting new products for a growing market. 

While Ilford leans back on its analogue black-and-white heritage, Harman Photo takes a leap forward in to the modern era with a brand-new line-up of color film suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. 

The film comes with a budget friendly price and is characterized by a distinctive character that emphasizes the personal story. 



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