YoloLiv is a tech company, who is behind the highly innovative Yolobox. The Yolobox is a live streaming studio monitor with a built-in software solution to simplify live streaming activities. With the Yolobox, you will take your live streaming to a whole another level by opening up streaming opportunities that wasn’t an option before.



The Yolobox helps you start live broadcasting events with unprecedented scale and effectiveness.

Due to its “All-In-One”-functionality, the Yolobox works as an encoder, switcher, monitor and recorder at the same time. The Yolobox can acquire media from a wide variety of devices, such as DSLR cameras, Drones, DV cameras, GoPro’s, smartphones among other devices.

You can live stream your media from 720 to 1080p resolution. Yolobox can stream up to three different channels at the same time, I.e. Youtube, Facebook LIVE and TwitchTV among others.

About YoloLiv

YoloLiv was founded 2015 in China. Ever since their start, they have been designing and developing both hardware and software in order to find the perfect solution for live streaming.

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