5 ways to decorate with Focus frames

A great way to decorate any room is to simply hang some framed photos on the walls. But there are many more ways to use Focus frames. Let us guide you through some of them!

Frames with photographs, paintings, memories, or kids masterpieces are the perfect accessories to create a unique personal atmosphere in your home, studio, office or anywhere else. Focus offers a wide range of photo frames in different sizes, colors, materials, and glass types.

Would you like to create your own gallery wall with posters, or perhaps make the rooms of your home a bit more personal? We’re going to take you through 5 ideas how to decorate with Focus frames - Just in case your inspiration needs a boost.


1. Gallery walls

Turn every room of your home into a source of energy and inspiration with your very own beautiful gallery wall. Framing both photos and posters on the wall is an easy way to create a nice gallery wall.
Whether it’s big, small, or somewhere in between, creating a gallery wall with your favorite prints, photos and art pieces can elevate the style of any room. Choosing frames is really a matter of personal preference. Framing each piece individually, or choose the same frame for each piece, which usually results in a very clean and classic look. There are plenty of ways to arrange, and there’s no right or wrong so let your imagination flow.

2. Frames – not only on walls

Put together some frames on a shelf, or picture ledge, to add nice art to your home. It’s such an easy way to decorate and display without making lots of holes in the walls. They also make it easy to switch up your decor based on the season, the occasion, or even just your mood.

Place photos or anything else you like to have easily visible and changeable in Focus Picture Stand. It’s perfect, for example, also for a dinner menu, placement card or similar.

Use Focus Soul writeable Magnet board for photos, postcards, notes etc. Either way you’ll make it even easier to replace them according to season or your mood.

3. Match your home decoration style

When it comes to interior design, it can be quite a task, even for the professional. Each home is different, and each homeowner has their own sense of style. In Focus assortment you can choose from frames in different materials such as of wood, plastic, composite, and metal. Our frames can also be bought in many different colors to match your interior style. We have frames in black, white, grey, brown, and also silver, - oak-, gold-, and bronze-colored frames.

4. Black and white is always right

If you have a colorful room, black and white photos will allow you to decorate without distracting from your other decor. On the other hand, maybe you have a minimalistic room that you want to keep simple, in that case, black and white photos are the perfect choice. Black frames make the perfect addition to your black and white photos. They keep things clean and organized, while still making your photos stand out. White frames are beautiful and by using matching white frames and black and white photos it can turn out both cool and very elegant. Or perhaps you want to create a cool and chic contemporary gallery wall with black and white photos in mismatching frames. You can also use different passepartouts to highlight the photo.

5. Think about what you’re framing

The overall display is definitely something you want to think about. But your first priority should be thinking about how each print would look in its respective individual frame. This should influence how you carry out mixing and matching frames.
Do you want only two frame styles, but one picture doesn’t quite look right in either? Well, think about doing something a little different with that one. How you actually place your frames is completely up to you. No matter how you choose to do it, it only matters that you like it.

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