4466 Magic Arm Magnetic Suction Cup Mounting Support Kit for Action Cameras

Designed to shoot car scenes using an action camera. The exclusive dual-material design combines magnets with a vacuum sucker, ensuring safer, longer-lasting, and more stable shooting.

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SmallRig 4466 Magic Arm Magnetic Suction Cup Mounting Support Kit for Action Cameras

The kit includes a magic arm, a magnetic suction cup, and an action camera mount.

It is only recommended to be used on flat iron surfaces, such as iron doors, railings, kitchenware, sports equipment, etc.

Even in the unlikely case of silicone suction cup leakage due to severe vibration, the magnets can pull the whole mounting support to the surface of an iron car (within the load capacity of 0.35kg in a dynamic shooting scene with a flat road when maximum speed does not exceed 120km/h), effectively avoiding the risk of falling off caused by the leakage of a silicone suction cup.

The 1/4"-20 screw on one end allows attaching an action camera, LED video light, etc.

The included action camera mount supports SmallRig GoPro Cage 3084 / 3083, Frame for Insta360 X3 4088, and DJI Action 4 Cage 4119.
Similar products from SmallRig include 3566, 4193, and other camera mount supports.


  • The package does not include a safety rope. Please bring your safety rope when using it for car photography at high speed.
  • This product can only be used on iron flat surfaces or other magnetic flat surfaces. To use it on a flat glass surface, it is recommended to buy SmallRig 3566 and 4193.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use the Magnetic Suction Cup Mounting Support Kit on the following surfaces: glass (e.g.: car windows, front windshields, etc.), carbon fiber, special alloy metal, painted surfaces, marble, textured wallpaper, diatom mud walls, unpainted wood, frosted glass, and other rough or textured surfaces
  • Do not use in the following scenarios: surfing, skiing, or other high-impact sports
  • Do not use in the following environments: prolonged contact with water, rain
  • Do not use it with a mobile phone clamp for dynamic photography
  • Do not use it with a selfie stick for dynamic photography
  • Applicable temperature range: -20°C to 60°C

Package includes:
1x Magnetic Suction Cup
1x Magic Arm
1x Action Camera Mount

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