4K Integrated PTZ Camera supporting SMPTE ST2110, BLACK

The AW-UE160 4K PTZ camera features a newly developed 4K 1” MOS sensor that offers the highest sensitivity of Panasonic’s entire PTZ lineup. Production teams shooting in a concert venue or a church can easily capture clear images even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

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The Panasonic UE160’s new optical low pass filter reduces the effect of moiré for clearer picture quality when shooting against an LED wall, which is especially important for rental and staging or worship environments. Its high-speed frame rate will help sports broadcasters capture slow motion shots in HD for replays, while seamless integration with the robotic camera system brings live broadcast-style movements to the PTZ, resulting in a dynamic and highly engaging video production.

Noise reduction and improved image quality are realized by the newly developed image processing engine also used in LUMIX. By combining a variety of functions, including a newly developed Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) function, a new feature in the PTZ Camera that enables high-speed focusing on moving subjects, the camera can produce high-quality videos in all kinds of situations, such as shooting in dark places and shooting moving subjects. The newly developed PTZ mechanism provides a high-precision operating feel while maintaining a compact body to support the delicate shooting techniques of professionals and contribute to uncompromising video shooting.

New generation engine that maximizes image sensor performance and improves image quality and AF performance

The camera uses a new-generation image processing engine, also used in the LUMIX GH6, with improved processing power. High-pixel image data output from the 1-type (1“) (effective size) MOS sensor, which offers an excellent balance between adequate depth of field, high image quality and high sensitivity, is processed at high speed to improve the S/N ratio. In terms of autofocus (AF) performance, the subject detection performance has been greatly improved through faster processing of calculations and improved AF algorithms, and highly accurate AF is achieved by discriminating between the subject's movement and characteristics. It also offers high video processing performance and enables more unique video expression with resolution performance, high sensitivity performance, and color reproduction that do not compromise your commitment to video image creation.

**Equipped with newly developed PDAF **

Equipped with a new AF system that combines phase detection AF (phase detection) with contrast AF (contrast detection). The camera's fast focusing speed and high focusing accuracy enable it to track subjects and capture in-focus images, whether it is continuously focusing on a moving subject or switching focus on multiple subjects.

Equipped with newly developed PTZ mechanism

A new PTZ mechanism was developed to maintain the compact body while incorporating a large sensor/lens for high picture quality and system camera-level functions. The camera is quiet and does not disturb the model, and its high static accuracy provides a high operability that allows the camera operator to shoot exactly what he/she aims for

Equipped with moiré reduction function by optical low-pass filter Equipped with an optical low-pass filter to suppress luminance and color moiré. It reduces moiré that is likely to occur during broadcasting and streaming, such as in studio monitors and displays and LED walls used in stadiums, enabling the production of more beautiful and easier-to-view images.

Compatible with V-Log

Compatible with V-Log, which is used in Panasonic's high-end VariCam cinema cameras and LUMIX mirrorless cameras. The wide dynamic range and wide color gamut provide images suitable for color grading. When used in conjunction with our camera recorders and studio cameras equipped with V-Log, video production with consistent image creation is possible. In addition, two settings, V-Log and V-709, can be selected independently for each output interface. Simultaneously output 4K V-Log video for color grading while outputting Full HD V-709 video for onsite monitoring.

Key features

  • Uncompromising shooting performance and operability
  • Optical low-pass filter significantly reduces moiré
  • Newly developed 4K Sensor offering superior sensitivity
  • Significantly improved Autofocus with advanced technology
  • SMPTE 2110 Support with purchase of additional software key

Technical specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
213 x 277 x 240
Focus Type
Manual Focus, Auto Focus
Sensor Type
Video Resolution
Articulated Screen
Accessory Shoe


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