Wiral is a Norwegian tech company that design and manufacture affordable cable camera systems for videographers and content creators. They strive to make products that allow creators to go outside the box, expand their potential and to tell their stories in a creative and fun way. In their assortment you will find cable camera systems and accessories that will make your video shots easier and more creative.



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WiralMobile Dampere Mount
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Wiral Cable Camera System

Wiral offer a highly innovative cable camera system, which are applicable with many different kinds of video recording devices.

Their product - Wiral LITE, is a versatile cable cam system designed to create unique, dynamic shots. It’s an awesome accessory for film production, sports, lifestyle, coaching and other types of shoots, both indoors and outdoors.

Wiral LITE is the perfect camera accessory to capture unique angles, giving your videos a cinematic look. Three different modes and a range of varying speed settings help you make any occasion stand out. Whether you’re going for that perfect time-lapse, a scenic panorama shot, or want to capture high-speed action shots, Wiral LITE lets your creativity run free!

With the cable cam system, you can attach either a lighter DSLR camera, compact camera, GoPro camera or smartphone to it. They also offer accessories, such as different mounts, depending on what kind of device you want to use, extra long cable if you want to do longer shots, premium travel cases for extra protection when traveling, and replacement parts if you ever brake anything.

About Wiral

Wiral was founded in 2017. They started as a crowdfounded startup company. With their first successful kickstarter campaign (which took about 4 minutes to get 100% founded) their journey begun. Since then, they have developed and produced their cable camera system and have fulfilled their first goal. They are now excited to see where they’ll go next.


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